About FilipinoSG

Singapore is home for around 180,000 Filipinos working in the city state based on latest government data. While about half of them are foreign domestic workers (Domestic Helpers), the rest are professionals working in every conceivable jobs available in the country. These overseas Filipino workers obviously need some place to live and thus websites like filipinosg.com exists. We all know that we Pinoys want to have fellow kababayans as our housemate. There's this sense of belongingness and camaraderie if you are in a Pinoy household. More importantly, having someone speaking the same tongue in your house helps cut down homesickness.

Until recently, the website where most Pinoys in Singapore go is PinoySG.com since it is more of a portal for many things. Aside from room rental ads, its forum where Kababayans can communicate and Chat is very popular. For most people, talking to a kababayan in a foreign land is refreshing and it relieves some stress.

FilipinoSG, on the otherhand, is more focused on helping fellow Pinoys in finding a room or flat. With roughly a 100,000 workers and professionals who constantly need to move, a site like this is a big help. It doesn't and will not have forum because it would be time consuming and a pain to moderate. With very few people working on the site part time, effort is better spent on improving the site usability. We do plan, however, to post some blogs on the current events but don't expect us to post frequently. Again, the main purpose of the site is for room or flat rental search.

So let us know if we helped you in one way or another because that would really make our day. That's what this site is for anyway.

Ciao and Mabuhay!